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Tactual Labs is an innovator in human-computer interaction technology. Our first products enable the world’s fastest, most responsive, touch and stylus user interfaces. Our next-generation touch sensor, “FMT” (for “Fast Multi-Touch”) and re-architected operating system software enable a zero-latency, real-time user experience for touchscreens and trackpads. These products can be used separately, or together, to dramatically reduce system latency. This performance is essential for everyday input, as well as for creative applications and gaming.

Prism Controller (TM): capacitive multi-touch input
recognized in 0.04 milliseconds (4 kHz, no latency


Reflex (TM): Modified Android runs 
with 33ms lower latency on stock hardware.

 Partners, Sponsors, and Awards

University of Toronto
2013 Invention
of the Year
2014 Award for
Outstanding Innovation
Ontario Centres of Excellence