Tactual Labs® enables aware machines that better humanity. Tactual® develops near-range radio-frequency sensing that tracks in-air, surface, and interior changes in humans, machines, displays, vehicles, and objects. Tactual serves consumer electronics, automotive, mixed reality, and robotics markets.


Tactual’s PRISM™ solution is an entirely new kind of RF sensing that innovates at the algorithm, sensor, and silicon level to surround free-form surfaces with real-time human body pose sensing. PRISM™ “sees” the human hand and body in 3D from every point on an object’s surface. This means the entire surface of free-form objects and touchscreens senses hand and body motion in 3D with no perceivable lag, and identifies multiple users, hands, and objects.

Today, touchscreens and other interfaces only understand human interaction as “points of contact” along a flat plane. They only know about a user when they touch the interface, and they learn about those touches, in computer time, later than when the real input actually occurred. They also have no idea who made a sensed input.

PRISM™ enables devices to understand hand and body pose on a human level in 3D around any shaped surface, and deliver interactions with physical immediacy, clarity, and precision.


Tactual's PRISM™ can scale across both opaque free-form and transparent displays up to 110" in size. In display applications, PRISM™ delivers industry-leading 1 millisecond sensing which brings digital ink closer to the pen tip and enables on-screen controls to respond with physical immediacy. PRISM™ captures human motion at over 1,000 events-per-second. In pen and touch displays, this order-of-magnitude leap in samples capture per second lets users draw more realistic curves and fine-grain detail. PRISM™ also delivers the industry's only full-screen, parallel motion capture enabling breakthrough simultaneous >64 touch-point and >24 pen-point tracking ideal for collaborative multi-user displays.

The superior smarts of Tactual's PRISM™ display solution enables disruptively simple, low-cost multi-function PRISM™ Markers with years-long battery life that are perfect for interactive whiteboards in classrooms and offices. And the breakthrough, premium PRISM™ Pen which delivers an order-of-magnitude leap in pen inking and pressure response at kHz-class sampling rates.