At CES 2018, Tactual® will be exhibiting at both the Honda (LVCC, North Hall, #7923) and Lattice Semiconductor (LVCC, Center South Hall 2, #MP26077) booths. Experience how our advanced PRISM™ sensing brings more intelligence and enhanced user experience to automotive cockpit and consumer electronics applications.

Honda® & Tactual® Auto Cockpit Vision

Experience how Honda® and Tactual® are working together in cars and motorcycles to enable revolutionary body-pose-sensing for improved vehicle input and safety. PRISM-powered™ vehicle cockpits can see the driver’s body and hands in real-time 3D from every cockpit surface at up to 1,000Hz. Tactual PRISM™ increases the bond between riders and their smart vehicles by enabling safer input gestures that reduce cognitive load, broaden the set of tasks a driver or rider can safely perform, and provide a robust understanding of driver intent, height, weight, and posture.

At CES, Tactual® and Honda® will be showcasing a PRISM™ motorcycle handlebar proof-of-concept that senses a driver’s 3D hand pose in real-time. These smart handlebars enable the rider to control key functions of a motorcycle using the full expression of their hands in 3D while keeping those hands safely on the handlebar. The end result is improved safety by minimizing eye / hand movement associated with the use of discrete physical controls (i.e. buttons, toggles, etc.), while broadening the set of tasks that a rider can safely perform by giving a bike a human-level understanding of 3D hand movement.

Interactive Display

Experience how PRISM™ enables the most realistic and responsive inking and touch experience that scales from PCs to collaborative whiteboards. With industry-first <2ms sensing latency, richer pen identification, and unrivaled multi-pen / multi-user scalability and economics. Write on our first production PRISM™ whiteboards including the new HoverCam® 65” CenterStage™ with the only affordable multi-function active pen for large-area displays!


See how our new PRISM™ Keyboard will reinvent keyboard input and construction. The PRISM™ sensor can track in-air, contact, pressure, and key strike input. Experience a keyboard that can sense your fingertips as well as your hand pose while in-air, in-contact, and striking the keyboard surface. Enable in-air scrolling and gestures above the keyboard. Mouse anywhere on or above the keyboard. And create new keycap strike and multi-touch gestures.

Gaming & Augmented Reality

Learn how PRISM™ can provide in-air and skeletal tracking of your hands with new industry-first millimeter precision and joint measurement at speeds up to 1,000Hz. Bring your hands and grasp into virtual worlds in real-time, and capture even the subtlest hand poses and motions.